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Fruiticana’s Tony Singh with some of the more than 26,500 pounds of food items donated to the Surrey Food Bank. Fruiticana matched food donations by its customers pound for pound.


FRUITICANA, owned by highly respected and well-known Surrey businessman Tony Singh, spread smiles and hopes this holiday season as all its locations collected donations from customers and then matched them pound for pound for the Surrey Food Bank. More than 26,500 pounds of food items were donated.

A spokesperson for Fruiticana said: “It’s our tradition to serve humanity, help the unfortunate ones and share happiness with them.”

He added: “Your own super market is spreading smiles and hopes in the lives of underprivileged people to bring happiness and smiles on their faces, as we know community support is a key factor in the lives of underprivileged people who are looking towards us for the support. So it’s our duty to perform charity not only for a cause but for an inner self-satisfaction.”

The company said: “We humbly thank our customers for supporting us generously in a noble cause and we sincerely pay regards to our customers for their valuable contribution to buy from Fruiticana and give with so much dignity. Fruiticana commits to carrying out charitable activities in a cooperative spirit.”

They added: “Without customers this contribution this would not have been possible in such a big way.”