By Shirl Hollenberg
focusSexy people doing sexy things in some of the hot spots of the world leads to fun in the sun and action in the shades in focus. Direct from Warner Brothers this lushly shot film is enticing audiences at Cineplex Odeon halls around B.C.
Score big is what most people want. Hard work can lead to success in whatever field you choose -even crime. Perhaps best in the business of relieving folks of their hard-earned money and valuables is Nicky Spurgeon. Aim high and go for the gold is all this man wants and Will Smith fits the role to a tee. Smooth and seductive Mr. Spurgeon has put together a highly effective team of thieves and insiders. When they work a con think Picasso paining a canvas. You get the picture.
Success is like an aphrodisiac with bigger and bigger scores the natural byproduct. Less natural perhaps is the arrival of a bright and bubbly blonde on the scene. Jess is cool, funny and a natural when it comes to playing the game. Margot Robbie proves to be a quick study, and then some, as this more than any one man can handle babe seems to get under everybody’s skin.
Sparks fly and the chemistry between Smith and Robbie fog things up as the fix is in and the sting is on in this entertaining crime caper. Throw in a few surprises along the way and this how to grab a million or two type flick is amusing with a slick sultry soundtrack.
Focus (PG) ***