Painting the Modern Garden – from Monet to Matisse

Nature’s Best!

IMG_1915Summertime means beaches, barbecuing, sun and sand. Oh, and gardening.  Two of the world’s favourite pastimes come together in Gardening Tips from Monet to Matisse. Formally called Painting the Modern Garden From Monet to Matisse this 123 minute movie is beautifully shot and back ended with a special exhibition in London as well as a trip to one of the world’s great garden shows.  Watch as outdoor work inspires easel  masters to create one of a kind paintings in this fascinating documentary from Touchwood PR. Part of the exclusive artist Exhibition on Screen series from Cineplex Odeon this treasure is a treat but only showing on May 19.

Background for this movie is obviously gardening. With insightful commentary from leading art experts and curators we learn of the importance of gardening as themes for paintings by some of the world’s great artists.  Led by the inimitable Claude Monet cameras hone in on luscious gardens and see just how a series of artists incorporated the. Attractive beauty of flowers and gardens into their renowned works of art.

Front and centre of the illusionist movement was naturally Monet. Along with Matisse and some notable painting giants from Spain, Germany and Great Britain this charming tale shows how gardening inspired the best creativity from these noted artists. Backed up by solid interviews outlining the importance of outdoor recreation as a way to create the right mood and feeling for creativity the producers of this enchanting movie should make green thumbs and nimble brush stroke artisans out of us all.

Showtimes for Painting the Modern Garden are all on: Thursday May 19 at 7:30 pm

International Village Cinemas

Silver city Riverport, Richmond

Cineplex  Cinemas, Coquitlam