I care the most about bringing fresh ideas to the table. That one size fits all kind of thinking needs to be changed and we need to offer ideas and solutions based on the local realities of Surrey-Fleetwood.

Being a member of the Surrey School Board for the past six years, I understand the issues that we face in Surrey every day, whether it’s related to overcrowded schools, too many portables or underfunding for special needs children. I’m committed to advocating for proper funding for Surrey Schools.

My commitment to Surrey-Fleetwood residents will start with me being accessible to everyone. Through honest, respectful and open communication, we can accomplish the most difficult of tasks together. Together we can work towards creating a safe, inclusive and caring society for all.

As a resident of Surrey for over two decades, I have discovered that for a city like Surrey, with a young and growing population from around the world, engaged and active participation is a must. I am committed to being that representative for Surrey-Fleetwood. I am determined to fight for the resources that Surrey-Fleetwood needs and requires for the inevitable growth this region will see.

I have a passion for community service and have served on many boards and non profit organizations including being the Past President for the Rotary Club of Surrey, Pingalwara Society a non-profit charity where I have raised over $4.1 million since 2002.

My name is Garry Thind, I live in Surrey with my wife and 3 beautiful children.  I’m your candidate for the BC Liberal Party from Surrey-Fleetwood. On October 24th, please support me.

Facebook – /garrythindsurrey

Instagram – @garrythindsurrey

Twitter – @gpthind