ken.flandersOne sure fire way to find business leads online is to look for those businesses that want you and others to find them.  Depending on the nature of the business, some businesses are not very open to listing themselves where every sales company can easily find them.  So, let us concentrate on those leads who desire the attention.  Such business will list themselves in all sorts of places such as telephone directories, business and industry directories, newspapers and various other Internet sites.

The Chamber of Commerce

On quick and easy way to generate B2B leads online in a free organic search is to utilize the Chamber of Commerce.  First, choose a city or geographic location.  Most Chambers of Commerce represent a particular city.  However, you will find that in many areas you will need to find the county chamber that will include the cities and towns in that county or metropolitan area.  So, if you are looking for a certain city chamber and do not find it, do a search under the corresponding county.

Go to your favorite Internet search engine and type in the city or county and Chamber of Commerce.  For example, you might enter, “Surrey, BC, Surrey Board of Trade”.  It is best to go to the main or home page link.  Once you arrive, you will find a plethora of information.  Most chambers will have a “Business Directory,” link or a “Members Directory,” but if you see both, the Member Directory will be where you want to begin.

Usually, the site will prompt you to enter some information about what type of businesses you are looking for.  For instance, you may enter, “dry cleaners” or “restaurants” etc.  Enter your choice and bingo.  You get the category of businesses that are members of that chamber.  You may also be able to pull up a list of all categories to help you better target your search.

The information is basic: business name, address and phone number.  Some chambers may offer a little more data like time in business, approximate sales volume, and a few offer a contact name.  Often the Chamber listing will have a link to the business web site as well, where you can gather more information and usually a contact name.


Ken Flanders, President, New Business Navigators