“Center of your heart is the center of the Universe. Go to that center and radiate positive vibration for the well being of the humanity.” – Amit Ray, Peace Bliss and Truth: Living with Positivity
The entire universe has been dealing with the deadly virus: COVID-19, which turned into a global pandemic within a short period. People are struggling to keep the roof on their heads. To help the needy, Canada India Global Forum (CIGF) joined hands with CHF and propelled a battle against this dark time.
Canada India Global Forum (CIGF) and CHF are the first platform to launch the food drive to support the international students in Canada and has completed 8 weeks of its noble excursion. CIGF has viably provided basic essential stuff like rice, lentils, bread, sugar, wheat, and so on to numerous international students, immigrants, and homeless people. CIGF has successfully propelled a Webinar, to assist the international students with their issues.
Mr. Aditya Tawatia, President of Canada India Global Forum, wants to thank Dr. Shivender Dwivedi, National President, and all the collogues of CIGF, across Canada, for their dedication and hard work to make this crusade successful. He also wants to give special credits to Mr. Siddharth Chaudhary, owner of Siddhartha’s Kitchen, for his significant and invaluable contribution. Mr. Tawatia expresses his special gratitude to Mr. Ajay Bisaria, Indian High Commissioner in Canada and Ms. Abhilasha Joshi, Indian Consulate in Vancouver, British Columbia for their exceptional guidance and special support to make this devout journey effective. This drive is like one more feather in the cap for Mr. Tawatia, who is also a Founder and President of the International Yoga Festival and Health expo.
CIGF would also like to thank Western Community College, Gagan Foods, Richmond Hindu temple, Burnaby Hindu Temple, Desi Tadka, Pooja Foods, Greek Corner Restaurant, all other donors, and all volunteers, for their contribution.
CIGF feels honored to support the global community during pandemic, and blessed to meet incredible people who are always ready to support the humanity in every means possible.