Chiller Thriller!

get outMy oh my. Be careful who you choose to befriend – or hook up with.  A newly minted couple learns the hard way that all is not well in paradise in the rather eventful Get Out. Horror specialist Universal Films pulls out all the stops in this outstanding horror entry now scaring folks silly at the Scotia Bank theatre and Cineplex complexes around B.C.

Young love can be ether a many splendored thing or fleeting. You decide how boyfriend/girlfriend Chris Alexander and Rose Armitage will end up. Chances are you won’t have a clue how feelings of love may change over time. Leave it to actors Daniel Kaluuya (Sicario) and Allison Williams to set the right tone though later in it must be said that their respective agendas may be a little skewed.

A visit to the countryside proves just a touch problematic when the couple meet up with Rose’s parents. Funny at first the big question is how will this smart suburban upscale mother and father and friends relate to Chris. Oh, did I forget to mention that Chris is black and Rose’s family is white? Expect that issue to come up and percolate just below the surface.

Dazzling writing by hard to believe first time director Jordan Peele sets forth a brilliant story, creepy characters and mesmerizing pitch-perfect music that flawlessly parallels the slow building terror set to unfold at an idyllic Norman Rockwell like residence that turns into the ultimate horror house. And talk about superb casting. Look for the otherwise sweet and pure Catherine Keener to come on strong as a mother in need with Bradley Whitfort delicious as her equally dotting husband in need. These two set the right tone for the mayhem about to unfold.

Through it all audiences get to see the emergence of a director whose passion for character driven stories and chills galore will make some folks think twice about who they want to choose to mate with. Scary indeed! Your hearts will get a workout in this tense thriller where build-up and payoff will leave all fully satisfied.