By Pooja Bhagnari

Exposure to sun, pollution, ageing, pigmentation and various other skin problems may leave your skin tone uneven, scarred, wrinkled and dull. To make your skin silky smooth, shiny, glowing and flawless skin you try various methods and creams, but at times these don’t work as expected and all your hard work as well as money spent goes down in vain. To make your skin look silky smooth, flawless, wrinkle free you can easily try chemical peel treatment that offers some guaranteed positive results without any harmful side effects. It is a simple technique that makes use of a chemical solution to improve the smoothness and texture of your skin by peeling off the dead skin. The regenerated skin is smooth, wrinkle free, shining new skin that looks fair and young.

 Chemical peeling is one of the most widely used and least invasive ways towards skin improvement and can efficiently help towards reducing fine lines under eyes, treat acne spots, reduce scars, reduce wrinkles, treat sun damage, general ageing of your skin and provide you a complete skin renewal. At Forever Young Spa (Tel: 6046715714)  we can very efficiently remove damaged layers of dead skin cells and release an undamaged fresh shining skin underneath using a professional chemical peel technique to bless you with smooth, younger skin.

Chemical peel is your one solution towards various skin problems like pigmentation irregularities, damage due to sun, fine lines under the eyes and the mouth and various other skin problems. Everyone wants a naturally glowing and radiant skin free from acne scars, roughness and scaly patches.

It is worth to note that before undergoing chemical peel you must ensure that the person or spa centre that you are going to trust has a good experience and can provide you a safe treatment. At Forever Young Spa we can offer you different types of chemical peel solution safely with years of experience we know very well how to take care of your skin.

The chemical peel also called as the Glycolic Peel is gently applied to the skin which makes it blister and eventually peel off in a few days. Glycolic peel is a nontoxic exfoliator naturally found in sugar beets, unripe grapes and sugarcane. This solution dissolves the damaged uppermost layer of the epidermis thus revealing fresh smooth skin. Chemical peels also work to reduce age spots, freckles, post-pregnancy marks and dark patches.

It is a ‘Gold Standard’ through the medical spa community due to its availability to safely yet effectively breakdown dead, mature layers of pore clogging proteins and lipids.

 A chemical peel treatment will leave your skin smooth and radiant. Visit :