Dr. Holly
Dr. Holly
Dr. Holly

Yes, Glutathione. It is one of the most important compounds in the body. AND, you should know about it even if your physician doesn’t.
There are over 40,000 peer review pub med articles published on Vitamin C. There are over 49,000 peer review pub med articles on Vitamin D. But, there are over 100,000 peer review pub med articles on glutathione. Yet, most physicians haven’t a clue what it is AND further, when they do know, they think it is simply a REDOX compound.
Here is a basic list of some of the things glutathione is involved in, in your body:
Master Anti-oxidant
– Endogenous – made inside of the cell
– Re-stabilizes itself and all other anti-oxidants
– Deals with all 6 categories of free radicals
– Works inside cell; in cell membrane; and outside of cell
– Major component of Phase II in liver detox
– Major component of all cellular detoxification
– Major component of healthy inflammation resolution
Hormone regulation
– Involved either directly or indirectly with all hormones in the body
Cellular Energy
– Cellular energy is provided by the ATP; created by the mitochondria – GSH is the only known molecule that protects the mitochondria
Prostaglandin synthesis (vasodilation/constriction
NO regulation: hormones, vasodilation, immune system,
– Protects DNA from going sideways; involved in both or elimination of abnormal DNA
– also required in protein synthesis
Cellular transport
– Required for most amino acid transportation in the cells
– Involved , like other anti-oxidants in preventing telomere breakdown but also the only known molecule that can provoke telomere creation
Calcium movement
– Required for regulation of Ca movement (gating of cardio cell function)
– 40% required in RBC to both pick up/release both O2 & CO2
Immune System
– Lymphocytes, ie., T cells, B cells, macrophages, TNF, NK, etc, all require about 62% to both develop and function

AND, here are a number of issues that can deplete your glutathione levels:
Genetic abnormalities
Illegal drugs
Insufficient sleep
Prescription drugs
Too much exercise
Too much sun
Toxins : pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, etc

Every cell in your body has to regulate and synthesize glutathione in order for the cell to function…
You need the DNA expression in the cells to create the mRNA tools that are required to make glutathione
You need the mitochondria in the cells to function effectively to produce the required fuel to make glutathione
AND, you need the extended methylation process to be functioning in order to regulate and synthesize glutathione
That means a good healthy diet…if not…your body starts to deteriorate at a cellular level and anything and everything can go sideways.
Choose to eat, think and behave well, so you can live an abundant life.

Here’s to your health!
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