ADVANCED Education Minister Amrik Virk on Tuesday outlined the province’s commitment to supporting English language training in B.C.

Virk said: “Government is committed to providing English language training for students who require it. Our priority is to ensure immigrants can continue to access the English language training they need to succeed, find jobs and help the Province meet labour market demands in our growing economy.

“The Ministry of Advanced Education has been working with public post-secondary institutions since learning in April 2012 of the federal government’s intent to cancel the Canada-BC Immigration Agreement. We are still waiting for an official decision on how the federal government plans to deliver English language training on April 1, 2014. However, it seems unlikely that the funding that flows through the ministry to institutions will be replaced through the RFP process that took place over the summer.

“As a result of the federal government’s decision, the Province will lose about $17 million that it provided to public post-secondary institutions to deliver English language training to more than 9,000 students last year.

“As more information becomes available, the ministry will continue to provide all public institutions with timely and accurate information about the implications of the cancellation of the agreement.

“Public post-secondary institutions are developing transition plans in partnership with the ministry to mitigate the impact on students, staff and faculty.

“It is important to note that English language training and other settlement services will continue to be available for immigrants through not-for-profit and community organizations that will negotiate contracts directly with the federal government.”