agrifoodVictoria: 2015 was a record year for British Columbia’s agricultural and agri-food sector, with revenues topping $12.3 billion for the first time. The federal and provincial governments continued to support ongoing innovation, climate change adaptation and market development through $11.3 million in Growing Forward 2 (GF2) agricultural programs and services.

Of the funding provided, a substantial amount focused on the future of farming and creating solutions to adapt to the changing climate. The Climate Change Adaptation Program received almost $1.3 million to develop and administer the development of collaborative adaptation strategies and new adaptation technologies, or providing tools to anticipate and manage change.

Other programs that were recipients of GF2 funding included the On-Farm Food Safety Program which received over $650,000, and the Post-Farm Food Safety Program which received $762,000 in funding. These programs ensure the highest level of food safety management and encourage adoption of food safety practices that are recognized internationally to help B.C. food processors reach markets all over the world.

Growing Forward 2 is a five-year policy framework for Canada’s agricultural and agri-food sector. GF2 is a $3-billion investment in innovation, competitiveness and market development, which includes $2 billion cost-shared on a 60:40 (federal-provincial/territorial) basis for programs delivered by provinces and territories, and $1 billion for federally-delivered strategic initiatives. GF2 delivers what the sector needs to continue to position Canadian farmers, producers and processors for growth and prosperity in the years ahead.