Ontario: A new poll conducted by Mainstreet takes a close look at approval ratings for Mayors of Major Canadian Cities from Montreal to Vancouver. According to poll Vancouver Mayor Gregor Roberston has the lowest approval rating compared to another Canadian Mayors.

“Overall, every Canadian Mayor we polled has a net positive approval rating – though some Mayors are faring radically better than others” said Quito Maggi, president of Mainstreet Research. “Jim Watson of Ottawa leads the way with a 79% approval rating and +63 net score (approval-disapproval) while Mayor Gregor Robertson of Vancouver sits at 50% approval and a +5 net score.”

“The lowest mayoral approval Mainstreet has recorded recently in Canada belongs to Mayor Matt Brown of London, Ontario, who was polled last year following an extra-marital affair with London’s deputy mayor. Brown’s disapproval was a staggering 58%, which translated to a net score of -25,” continued Maggi.

“Most residents polled approve of their city councils with two notable exceptions. Both Edmonton and Vancouver report negative net scores of -1. Calgary and Montreal follow with +6 and +9 scores respectively. Ottawa and Saskatoon’s city councils meanwhile boast net scores of +38 and +30.”

“Overall, local city councillors are polling higher than their respective city councils, though they lag on net scores in Toronto and Winnipeg and run about even in Ottawa.”

“This looks to be a relatively busy year of municipal elections in Canada with Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton scheduled to go to the polls. Regina and Saskatoon held elections last fall in which Mainstreet was the most accurate pollster of both races,” finished Maggi.