gringoBeing in the wrong place at the wrong time spells trouble indeed for a mild mannered white-collar worker in the free wheeling Gringo. Sharp and different this hip flick from VVS Films has an edge that is campy and contagious. Full of non-stop crazy fun Gringo is staking its claim at certain Cineplex complexes around B.C.
Go to work and do your job. Most people follow this ethic. Nice on the surface Howard Soyinka seems like the model employee. Fish out of water David Oyelowo uses all his manic energy and then some to portray this on edge nervous nellie caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people, so loyal is this guy that he is the perfect dupe for his up to no good boss who passes himself off as his friend. Joel Edgerton hits the mark as a corporate boss on the make who seems more interested in making scores of illegal cash while banging his more than willing secretary than taking the high road. And who can blame him with a hot to trot Charlize Theron as the ultimate executive assistant.
Things take a turn for the worse when humble Howard finds himself somehow stranded in Mexico tangling with wacko drug lords, crazy drifters and the Indignity of a straying wife. Add it all up and Gringo packs a wallop of a punch.