Business can be tough. Doing illegal business can be fraught with problems. See the carnage develop when a drug deal goes wrong in Hammer. Crime enthusiasts may take a liking to this brand new movie currently available on video on demand by contacting your local cable company or internet provider.
Partnerships often involve two people. Add another person into the mix, especially a woman, and there’s potential for romantic liaisons. See the sparks fly when Adams and Chris Davis come to a parting of the ways. Boys will be boys so it’s not surprising Ben Cotton ( Walking Tall) and Mark O’ Brien (Ready or Not) get down and dirty in an effort to take possession of the hundred thousand or so dollars that seems up for grabs.
Tension is almost palpable as these two once upon a time friends engage in a bitter battle of survival wrought with blood. Naturally innocent people get caught in the crossfire as the blood starts to flow. Further clouding the proceedings are Some extended Family members caught up in this botched dope deal. No one is sure who one can trust with Will Patton ( Armageddon) serving up some good old fashioned fatherly advice to one of these hoods.
Despite being not that original Hammer still hits the mark for those wanting to see two on the edge criminals who are willing to stop at nothing to retrieve what they feel is rightfully theirs,