Manpreet Dhillon
Manpreet Dhillon
Manpreet Dhillon

By Manpreet Dhillon

This week’s question :
The holiday season is really busy and I barely have time for myself. On top of that, I have to spend time with people that I don’t necessary have much in common with. How do I stay in a positive and good mood at these events?

The holidays are a fun yet stressful time. People are enjoying themselves; there is a lot of celebration and joy along with lots of family and friends time.
We do get invited to events that we necessarily may not want to go to because there are people there that you don’t really connect with. The conversation is superficial, or negative, or they talk about topics that you don’t really have an interest in.
The best way to handle these situations is to be in a positive state of mind. Before you go, list all the things that are good about the place you are going to, the
people you are meeting and the
potential of fun that exists. Remind yourself of how you have the
possibility of meeting new people, having a different conversation than usual and maybe there is one person there you are really supposed to connect with. This change in the mind will support you in having a more enjoyable time.

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