poster-song-launch-mehndi-harman-maanThe latest launched single, ‘Mehndi’, by Harman Maan and Ariya is the new talk of the town. The desi-punjabi romantic style song is already gaining huge fan following all across Punjab, Chandigarh, Delhi, and all over the globe – Canada, USA, Australia, UK, New Zeeland. The song was launched with a bang over the social media platforms of Harman and Jass Records on October 15th, 2016 with a much awaiting fan-followership of millions. The sweet desi mix has a trendy style of lyrics which has already started leading chart numbers on the Punjabi as well as Urban-Punjabi lists.

From the song, lead singer, Harman Maan says, “The song is very dear to me. A sweet track that shows a cute love story of a girl and a guy with superb music by the composers is what my audience has been waiting for. The whole team has done great efforts in writing, composing, and directing the video of the song, and we are happy with the response of the song too. This is my second track, and I have a lot more coming for my followers in a few weeks.”

The song has been conceptualized keeping in mind what listeners want to listen to today. With Video by Tru Makers, Lyrics by Yuvraj Maan and Music by Xtatic Muzic, Singers Harman and Ariya’s sweet voices give complete justice to the cuteness of the song. Harman’s first track was a success, and the second track is gaining popularity too. Harman is all set to complete video of his next track as well which will soon be out.