By Kamilla Singh
Up Town, New Westminster is the home of the best Waffles in the city; this place existed for almost 60 years. People wonder what Waffle is, waffles are made from a batter consisting of flour, eggs sugar, butter milk and baking powder, the baking powder helps the waffles acquire the fluffy texture. Waffles are cooked on waffle iron and comes in many varieties of shapes and sizes, this waffles creates pockets or indentions throughout the dough on both sides.
Since 1954, The Waffle House has always been filled with big families, seniors and kids all craving for fresh homemade style waffle, the family kept up the tradition of offering more than 20 different waffles including , hot blueberry, raspberry , peaches, bacon and eggs, ham to name just a few, Waffles are not just for breakfast in this restaurant, they serve waffles anytime in the day, if you have a craving for a great waffles which we know, not everyone knows how to make them, come out at any tome of the day to enjoy freshly home made waffles.
When I walked in, it was dinner time, I personally had a hard time to either go with their signature waffles or order from their dinner menu, after sitting and complemplating what to get, I finally decided I would like to order from the dinner menu with the suggestion and help of my server I had Wild Alaskan Salmon Fillet Burger, it was juicy wild salman, humongous salmom on a huge bun with lettuce, tomatoes and house make lemon basil aioli, came with home made coleslaw and huge serving of fries, the amount of food they serve it can very easily serve two people. The salmon was grilled with the fresh juice dripping, you can tell the freshness of the salmon, I dig in to arguably in the juicy burger and flavorful grilled salmon, other delectable items include home made coleslaw and plenty of fries I loaded them with vinegar and ketchup….yummy.
“Our Waffles are our signature dish here, we have been on this location half a century, people know us and they have been dinning since they were kids, now they are grown up and have their own children they are our customers, once they come in here, they keep coming back, waffles are one thing which we serve all day, but every item on our menu are fleshly made in house, we don’t open cans of anything to serve our customers” Robert one of the owners said.
“We are a family ran business, we offer kids menu which is only $7:25 which includes, apple juice or milk, plus we also have seniors menu for $8:95 Monday and Tuesday, from 4 to 8pm. we have one price for all our dessert which is any kind of cake or cheese cake for only $5:95” he said.

photo 3“ We are also known for big parties, such as birthday, office parties, anniversaries, Mother’s day, Father’s day, we can accommodate up to 150 people, we have our private section for special events, so holidays are just around the corner and if you are looking to book a place for your event or party, call us and make reservation” he added.
This place is renowned for offering daily specials for seniors so come and enjoy seniors special at a very discounted rate of only $8:95 plus they serve lunch and dinner, come and see why the Waffle House is a wonderful eatery to head to anytime of the day.

Located at 636 Sixth Street in New Westminster across from Cartwright Jewelers, fully licensed, give them a call at 604-524-8118, open 7 days a week from 7am to 8pm Monday to Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 3:30pm. For reservation call them or email them at info@wafflehouserestaurant.com or visit their website at www.wafflehouserestaurant.com

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