Coquitlam: Coquitlam RCMP is asking for your help finding the owner of an envelope full of cash.

On September 21, at about 12:45pm, someone mistakenly dropped the envelope in Coquitlam Centre Mall at 2829 Barnet Highway, Coquitlam. An anonymous good Samaritan found the envelope and turned it in to security, but no one has come forward to claim the cash.

When someone turns in an envelope full of cash, with no expectation of reward or credit, that shows the kind of community we live in, says Corporal Michael McLaughlin with the Coquitlam RCMP.  We would like to close the loop on this selfless act by finding the rightful owner of the money.

Coquitlam RCMP has a good description of the person who lost the money but that description, along with the exact amount and denomination, will be held back so that only the rightful owner can claim the money.

If you are the owner of the money, or you know who it is, call the Coquitlam RCMP non-emergency number at 604-945-1550 and ask for Constable Ashleigh Daniels (file 2017-30202).