Dr. Holly
Dr. Holly

vitaminsEveryone wants to be healthy…but getting supplements from the grocery store or even a health food store may not be your best options. The following list are some of the reasons you may not be getting your money’s worth or in some cases, just getting what your money’s worth….

  1. it may say Vitamin D3 – but may be upwards of 60% Vitamin D2 (synthetic)
  2. it may have Magnesium stearates – almost all pharmaceuticals do and so alot of health supplements – some research says that it is a good flow agent for the product and good for the machinery but not so good for the body and may decrease absorption up to 80%
  3. products will often use the synthetic version – ascorbic acid versus real Vitamin C – most ascorbic acid is made by two factories that use GMO corn to make it and it is only the outer ring which is not vitamin
  4. when companies make the synthetic version they often use mirror or chirals…the same compound but composed differently, i.e., your left hand is the mirror image of your right hand, but if an enzyme or a receptor is made to fit your left hand it is not going to work with your right hand…but usually the right hand image/not natural format is cheaper to make than the real thing
  5. amounts – it may 40% or 300mg or a different identification of unit – but when tested it is not in there – again this happens in pharmaceuticals as well…the amount put into a given capsule is not the amount tested and may not be processed the same way, i.e., with or without the use of Mg stearates (or other flow materials)
  6. Many materials that we don’t want in there, don’t have to be on the label if they are under 3%
  7. Where is it grown is another big issue…for instance if you talk with most good labs, about products like turmeric, they will tell you that upwards of 80% of the sources are toxic
  8. another factor that many forget is that many items need to be combined with other items in order to be absorbed….turmeric and resveratrol are two good examples of poor absorption, but if combined with good transporters (more expensive) but now bioavailable
  9. how it is processed is another important factor…chocolate is a good example of this – if it is pasteurized or dutch processed – you have lost most of the good 300 nutrients that may have been available – if you extract the cocoa butter – you lose all the excellent essential fatty acids and the process eliminates most of the fantastic anti-oxidants

So, yes articles of this nature are very important – and it doesn’t mean all products in the health food store are useless it just means you have to know your stuff and do your research – or go to someone who knows…

Here’s to your health!

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