Dr. Holly
Dr. Holly
Dr. Holly

Health Supplements have gained an ever increasing momentum since the 1960s when it was all about Vitamin C. There are unfortunately, a number of issues with products you may find in a health food store.

  1. They are often synthetic products. More and more research is showing that the synthetics can be toxic to the body for a variety of reasons. But let’s just look at one. In biochemistry, it is often a lot easier and cheaper to make a product that is the mirror image of what is found in nature. One simple example of a chiral (one type of mirror image) are your hands. Your hands are mirror images of one another. The left hand may fit into a given cell receptor or an enzyme may fit into it…but that won’t work for the right hand. In chemistry, although they would be considered the same compound – they are different versions and they WILL NOT work the same in the body. Consequently, you end up with expensive gifts for the toilet and even worse, compounds that end up being toxic to the body.
  2. Another problem often found in products is that they are not what they claim to be.  For instance, the product may say Vitamin D3 but it may end up being 60-70% Vitamin D2, which is synthetic. Again, more and more research is showing the detriments of synthetics, whether it be the Vitamin C ascorbic acid or any other synthetic vitamin or mineral or fatty acid.
  3. Another issue concerns other ingredients not listed on the label. For instance, anything below 3% does not have to be listed. Magnesium stearates provoke a lot of controversy. They are a flow product that helps to ensure equal distribution among capsules and protect the machinery. Some studies indicate that they are toxic to the body AND can prevent the body from absorbing various compounds. Other studies suggest that this is not the case. A further question, becomes, how many other compounds are used in the production of supplements and medications that are for the benefit of: production; shelf life; delivery; etc. that actually work against the body rather than support it.

While there are a variety of other issues that come up with regard to health supplements, the above few may make you take a second look at what you are purchasing and ingesting.

The bottom line? Use good healthy whole food to support your body’s nutrient demands. Grow your own food wherever and whenever possible.

But let’s look at one group of supplements in particular – the weight loss industry. Huge amount of money – little evidence. If you want a simple, cheap way to help loose weight – in addition to eating a healthy diet and exercising properly…try this drink 20 minutes before you eat your breakfast – important that it is on an empty stomach…simple, cheap and effective for most people.


  • 1tsp raw organic honey
  • 1 tbsp raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar – make sure it has a good mother in it (lots of brown stuff)
  • 1 cup warm water

Unpasteurized honey is a great anti-biotic; has natural polyphenols and anti-oxidants and enzymes (that produce hydrogen peroxide that kill bad bacteria!)

Apple cider vinegar has a great number of benefits as well – it helps to stablize blood sugar levels; increase insulin receptors (especially in muscles); regulates cholesterol; improves digestion and detoxification.

Together the drink provides a great, simple, cheap addition to your diet to help you loose weight.

Here’s to your health!

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