rain-snow-landing-bannerIn preparation for heavy rainfall and milder temperatures this week, please help clear leaves and debris near catch basins and sewer drains in your neighbourhood to reduce the risk of flooding in homes, businesses, properties, and public areas.

You can also help melt water runoff into the storm sewer system and reduce flooding problems by clearing snow around the catch basins around your property. If catch basins are frozen over, use VanConnect to report the blockage.

How to prevent flooding in your home

Be proactive and prevent flooding in your home by:

  • Sealing cracks or openings in walls, floors, windows, and foundations, and seal all window wells.
  • Clearing eavestroughs and downspouts of leaves and other debris that prevent proper drainage.
  • Ensuring the grading around your home slopes away from the foundation wall to help drain water away from your home (without negatively affecting neighbouring properties).
  • Ensuring that your plumbing and drainage systems are in good working condition. You are responsible for the plumbing from the property line to inside the home.