IMG_1869Packing Heat!

Coming of age tales are not just restricted to youth.  Love can happen at any age. Take the case of a jaded spinster who may get a second chance, or is that a first chance at romance in Hello My Name is Doris. Decidedly different then sentimental story from Sony Pictures is now lighting up hearts at The Fifth Avenue Cinemas.

Set I guess in modern big city America this story revolves around Doris. Sometimes life passes you by. Left to fend for herself this busy body could be placed in no better hands than Sally Fields. Ready to soar to new heights the flying nun herself has been for years living a holed up life as the ultimate babysitter for an aging mom.

With a house now to herself this pack rat extraordinaire rubs her brother and his gold-digging wife the wrong way. Even a therapist can’t cure the homebody of her cluttering collector ways. Thank heaven a company she has worked for for years hasn’t the heart to let her go.

On the job romances can be problematic. Imagine the resulting chaos when this oldster fancies a hot much younger “raw” recruit. Little does she know the handsome young man may only be trying to be polite. Out of control the situation becomes with enough hurt feelings to go around.

Different and maybe even topical Hello My Name is Doris is a small little charmer that is offbeat enough to hook people, especially if you are maturing.