HINDI Literary Society of Canada, BC has been on the forefront since 1998 in promoting and protecting Hindi heritage. It not only organizes its own literary events but also arranges programs in collaboration with other institutions.  Hindi folk festival is its major event. To help Deepa Sharma, president of the society, put on the festival, a committee was formed with members Jaishri Reddy, Pushplata Sharma and Madhu Varshney. More than 300 guests attended the folk festival.
Dr. Satya Prakash Sharma’s dance drama “Auo Hindi Padhey” that was choreographed by Nidhi Saxena choreographed and coordinated by Dr. Preeti Misra and Varad Ashram was performed and won admiration.

A group song performed by Kalpna Sharma, Rupinder Khera and Mini Sharma with Gurdarshan Matharu (tabla), Jagdish Prasad (harmonium), Suman Sharma (dholak) and Kapil Sharma (drum) was a big hit. Dr Sunil Bhatt entertained the audience with his songs.
Young dancers Tanisha Misra and Nisha Malhotra performed individual dances. Madhu Varshney choreographed a traditional group folk dance in which she along with Preeti Misra, Chamaylee Seegobin and Neeru Kanotra took part.

A puppet dance choreographed by Sarika Sharma was  presented  by Isha Sharma, Riya Bajpai, Jessica Sandhu and Ishika Sandhu.

The cultural show wrapped up with afashion show in which Neeru Kanotra, Sachi Sharma, Suman Sharma, Ruchika Bhatt, Reena Bajpai, Kalpna Sharma, Simmi Kakkar, Jayshree Reddy, Sarika Sharma and Kanupriya Dhir presented the popular attire of different provinces of India. Jaishri emceed the program.

(Information by ACHARYA S.P. DWIVEDI)