Aircraft of German airline Lufthansa are parked on apron during strike at Munich's airport

Frankfurt: Lufthansa pilots began a three-day strike, kicking off the biggest protest action in Lufthansa’s corporate history and majorly paralysing air traffic of Europe’s largest airline.
However, local media reported no chaos at Germany’s two largest airports, Frankfurt and Munich, as a spokesman from the latter described the situation as “manageable”. The spokesman said the people were well informed and things were calm in the terminal. Lufthansa, the German flagship carrier, announced that it would cease its business operations almost completely by cancelling 3,800 flights scheduled for the three days.
The all-out strike is intended to increase pressure on the Lufthansa management as VC is demanding a 10 percent salary increase and the maintaining of in-house early retirement age of 55 for the 5,400 pilots. According to an estimate by Metzler analyst Juergen Pieper, Lufthansa is set to lose an operating profit of 30 to 50 million euros ($69 million) due to the strike.