John Horgan, Leader, B.C. New Democrats

Vancouver:  In tonight’s televised leaders’ debate, BC NDP leader John Horgan made it crystal clear where he stands: with people.

Horgan showed that while Christy Clark has been looking out for herself and her wealthy donors, he is a fighter that is working towards a better BC for everyone.

“You have a clear choice: Four years of government working for people at the top or a BC NDP government working for you,” said Horgan, speaking directly to the people he aims to represent as Premier.

“John Horgan was grounded by the stories of thousands of real British Columbians. It was clear Christy Clark isn’t looking out for people. She’s looking out for the wealthy and well connected,” said BC NDP provincial director Raj Sihota. “Hands down, John Horgan won this debate for all British Columbians.”

Horgan refused to let Christy Clark off the hook for her government’s 16 years of neglect, making the point repeatedly that this economy isn’t working for people. John Horgan will make life more affordable, improve services like health and education that people rely on, and create good-paying jobs that last.

“The people of BC have had 16 years of a BC Liberal government that put corporate donors first, and people at the back burner,” said Horgan. “We have an exciting plan for a better BC. I think it’s time that the BC Liberal neglect ends.”

John Horgan’s campaign will ramp up Thursday as he takes his message to people in communities all over the province: BC can’t afford four more years of Christy Clark.