By Dr. Holly

Dr. Holly
Dr. Holly

We know that:

  • 99.5% of pharmaceuticals deplete the body of nutrients
  • over 48% of the 250 most commonly prescribed drugs cause cancer
  • that Big Pharma regularly pays out billions of dollars in lawsuits for a wide variety of fraud – but this is merely a tap on the hands as they make billions of dollars daily on each of numerous medications
  • that when the patent is over, they promote the drug for umpteen different treatments
  • that there are class action lawsuits on a huge number of drugs

dr holly How effective are the drugs you are takingBut now, they are being sued for marketing drugs for issues that have never been approved!!
You may be surprised, but many of us are not.  There are so many types of fraud reported with Big Pharma, that what should get a huge reaction now just gets a roll of the eyes.
When you read about:

  • clinical studies being signed off and written about by ghost writers that were never done
  • when 9/10 studies show harm but only the one positive study was submitted to the FDA
  • how Big Pharma pays the lawyers and judges of the FDA
  • how the FDA ignores huge amounts of data/studies on harmful effects and doesn’t bother to do anything
  • and the list goes on

You get to the point, where you just don’t believe anything they say…
And of course, all the misinformation is what gets presented to the MDs.  Who, if they do any research, tend to focus on the Big Medical Journals, that are more Big Pharma advertising than actual clinical studies AND the editing boards are made up of Big Pharma – so you don’t get any real information…
The really pathetic issue is when you have MDs defending Big Pharma and the latest drug – because they just went heard a seminar put on by and paid for by Big Pharma – and the MDs actually believe everything they heard!!  Huh!!  Are they really that naive?!
Here’s to your health!
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