Using Google Ads but not seeing the success you thought you would? Perhaps you’re new to the Google Ads space and looking for advice on what not to do in order to get the most out of your campaign?

Regardless of whether you fall into the first or second category, you’ve come to the right place. Here is my list of the most common Google Ad mistakes that you need to avoid.

Bob Milliken

Not Using The Right Keywords

Google Ads revolve around keywords. In order to engage your targeted audience and direct this relevant traffic to your site, you need to use the right keywords. Start by avoiding keywords that are only single words or not commonly searched. Use of common search terms will get your ads the greatest visibility. Keep away from keywords that are not directly relevant to your product / service as irrelevant keywords will detract from your campaign and cost you money.

Repeated Keywords

Don’t waste your keywords on repeated terms. Instead, try using different terms that people use to search for the same thing. For instance, somebody looking for a Landscape Gardener may search for ‘landscaper’, ‘landscape gardener’ or ‘gardener’. To get the biggest audience possible, you will need to use a variety of terms to ensure you are capturing all potential customers. Using the Google keyword planner will be very helpful here.

Not Monitoring Performance

Monitor, monitor, monitor. Neglect this task at your peril as you may otherwise learn too late your campaign is unprofitable. Regular, consistent monitoring will quickly expose any flaws in your campaign and give you an opportunity to fix them before you max-out your credit cards. In short, monitoring your campaign is a must.

Overlooking Ad Extensions

Ad extensions expand your ad with additional information, giving people more reasons to choose your business, and would include such things as reviews and contact information. Seasoned pros use ad extensions to increase their ad’s click-through-rate by several percentage points. More clicks translate into more visitors, leads, and customers for your business.

Many first-time users make the expensive mistake of ignoring this feature. And that’s ok if you don’t want the extra leads and sales that would otherwise come your away.

Take Away

Warning: Make sure that you are familiar with the metrics and statistics available through Google Ads. If you do not have this information or don’t understand it, it will be difficult to make decisions about the effectiveness of your campaign.

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