Terrorism 101!

With a very self-explanatory title audiences will get exactly what they’re promised in How to Blow Up a Pipeline. This self explanatory guide to destroying infrastructure hits close to home in this chilling movie from Elevation Pictures now causing time to pause at The International Village Cinemas and various Cineplex cites and Landmark viewing centers around B.C.
Locals with long memories might recall British Columbia has long been a hotbed of radicalism. First we saw the fire bombing of a Red Hot Video stare in once upon a time quiet North Vancouver in the early seventies. Flash forward to the mayhem and destruction a group of well-heeled terrorists levied again gas pipeline infrastructure in the B.C. North just a few years back. Against this backdrop comes this movie that recounts the efforts of a group of idealistic (?) young men and women determined to make a difference.
Yes, we all know climate change is real. Sorry doubters. Free country. Instead of scenic British Columbia rural Texas turns out to be the assembly stage for this small group of desperadoes out to set a chill deep in the heart of big oil. This thriller of a drama takes a hard look at the motivations of this lot as they meticulously plot to teach the oil companies a lesson. All this sounds like it’s right out of the Al Quida playbook as we see just how the seeds of hatred develop among this subclass of people.
What How To Blow Up a Pipeline reveals is just how dangerous these bent on destruction disciples can be. Great acting and the tension packed into this film shows the ups and downs on planning and executing a wanton act of destruction – something that is becoming all too common in this truly messed up world. Eco-Terrorism turns out to be alive and well in the dark hearts of some perceived to be aggrieved idealistic climate fanatics out to make a difference through tactics they perceive as being legitimate and necessary,