Bob Milliken
Bob Milliken

Social media has changed the way people connect, discover, share information and conduct business – but you already know this from reading my previous two articles in this 3 part series. Notwithstanding the recent furor over Cambridge Analytica’s suspected influence in US elections, social media is basically just word of mouth powered by technology. Over 75% of people are highly likely to share content on line with their friends and associates; over 50% do this in a weekly basis

In this final article I add a few more recommendations that will get the engine humming with eyeballs to your social channels and ultimately to your website.

Start blogging

Businesses find it challenging to drive content to their social media pages when they can’t produce enough new content. The easiest solution here is to stay active on your blog post as a way to maintain a dynamic site and ensure that there’s always something to talk about on social media.


Did you know that Facebook and Twitter pages could actually show up before the company website in a Google search? Make use of the About Us section to direct social media traffic to your website so that you don’t miss out on potential traffic.

Prospects will likely check you out on social media before they check into your website and decide to spend money on your brand. Be sure to maintain consistency across all the channels.
Review searches

Reviews are key to your reputation. Be open and create a section for reviews on your social media accounts. The goal is to have more people end up on your own pages when they search for reviews of your brand. That way you can then work on getting them to your website, where you’ve set up tools to ensure visitors want to hang around, and possibly spend money to have what you’re selling.


Social media, and in particular its personalization features, extends your ability to reach your audience wherever they may be. It also enables you to localize your message to talk directly to your community. For this reason, make sure to include geo-graphic location when creating your accounts. It could just land you a few people strictly based on location.

Your Take Away

As you can see, there are many ways to get your audience working for you and to boost traffic so get to work. Do it right and you’ll have a steady stream of leads, do it wrong and you’ll hear nothing bus crickets. Get in touch with a reliable social media expert today that will work with you to get eyeballs back to your website.

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