By Brahma Kumaris

Regardless of how comfortable people think they are in their life today, almost everyone is suffering in some way every day. Nothing can change for the better until you take full responsibility for your self-personality, for your thoughts, emotions, action, attitude, vision. Reawaken your awareness of your true self to personal enlightenment. Free yourself from negative and lazy thinking. Single negative thought could have a devastating effect on your immune system. If fear is being invoked and used as a motivator, that always results in a drainage of energy, which eventually can lead to physical disease.
Stress and fearful thinking is angry thinking, if sustained it leads to illness, absenteeism, poor performance, and the breakdown of relationships, tense thoughts leads to tight muscles and headaches. Worried thoughts upset digestion and can result in an ulcer. Fearful thinking speeds up and wears down the heart inducing the over production of adrenaline, while anger has been identified as one of the major contributory factor in cancer.

We must not do anything that break down’s another’s heart. Do not talk about others’ mistakes and tell what someone else was saying about them. This is to create enmity between souls and it is a very bad habit. We should never look to hurt someone even if they have hurt us, who purposely hurt other is very horrible. If we give sorrow, we will die in sorrow. Therefore, if we want to live in peace and happiness, we need to promise ourselves that we will never hurt anyone. No one should shed tears or be upset because of us, from no one’s moth should come words like, “Because of you, my life has become so difficult”. If anyone is saying such things about us, then all our spiritual earnings will finish even if we have been wronged, we must not hold a grudge, we need to learn to forgive and let go, much better to simply forget it.
Thoughts are the seeds of our actions; positive thoughts are the basis of positive actions. As we are, so will be the world around us. Peace, power, purity, love and happiness. These are the inner treasures of every human being. These are qualities which every human being is always searching for and they cannot be found at the local store. They do not come in boxes or bottle. They come from inside out; remember that is our original state which we have lost taking birth after birth. How to come back from our original state to get power to learn can be accomplished by taking meditation classes, free of charge.

“The spirituality is not a system of worship or ritual. It is a positive attitude toward yourself and others which makes life a joy rather than struggle.”
By Brahma Kumaris Vancouver
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