If you’re thinking about starting an online business or blog, it is critical you take the time to define your niche. Niche marketing involves focusing your business marketing efforts on a small and well-defined group of the population to ensure your message is getting to the market you want to serve.
Not finding the correct niche for your online business will lead to low conversions and scarce sales. On the other hand, by aligning your business with the correct niche, your sales funnel will be brimming and your bank account happy.
If you want your business to be successful, and clearly you do otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article, you need to spend time finding the niche that is a perfect match to your products and services.
If you haven’t found your niche yet, follow my simple 20-minute 3 step process to zone in on your perfect match.
Finding Keywords to Work With
Searching for niche ideas is incredibly easy when you use Google’s External Keyword Tool. The tool is free, and it allows you to discover both local and global search volume numbers for keywords, related keywords, and the competitiveness of those keywords.
For your chosen niche look for keywords that have low competition and a minimum of at least 1,000 searches a

Determining the Competitiveness of the Keywords
Once you’ve found some suitable keywords, your next step is to find out how competitive each one is. Do this by typing your chosen keyword into the Google search bar and observing how many other pages show up on the results pages. Lots of results equals high competition.
I also recommend you take the time to look at video and image search results as well. This will allow you to see what other kinds of competition you’ll be up against besides the organic search results and PPC customers.

Making a Decision
The hardest part is now behind you. You have identified some relevant keywords and have determined their competitiveness. You just need to decide on whether to move forward with your niche idea.
If the organic competition is low and there isn’t a lot of paid-for-competition, then you can feel reasonably confident moving forward with your idea. However, if the competition is high, you might want to move through the process again to find a better niche to enter.
If you decide to move forward, the next thing you should do is select a domain name fitting your keyword. And that’s a story for another article.

Take Away
Choosing a niche for your online business doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process. Following my simple 3 step process will help you choose your niche in 20 minutes or less, and you’ll have your online business up and running in no time.

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