John Horgan Leader of the B.C. New Democrats
John Horgan Leader of the B.C. New Democrats
John Horgan
Leader of the B.C. New Democrats

Victoria: This week, Christy Clark acknowledged her failure to address the housing market and the effect that her hydro rate deception has had on families.

But instead of actually addressing the fact that people can’t afford their hydro bills or buy a home, she did the bare minimum.

That’s because when it comes down to it, she isn’t there for real people.

But if her donors and elite friends ask for something, like a $1 billion tax break for only the wealthiest two per cent, they get it, no questions asked.

Christy Clark supported her wealthy developer friends, allowing the housing market to spiral out of reach for B.C. families for two years after the New Democrats and public warned her that families were getting priced out of the market.

Now the benchmark price of a home in Greater Vancouver is a million and a half dollars.


Instead of fixing the mess she has created, she tinkers around the edges, as she did this week by increasing the threshold for the homeowner grant.

We agree that this change was necessary, but it’s only necessary because home prices have spiralled out of control while Christy Clark refused to act.

Tinkering with the threshold doesn’t change the fact that home prices are wildly unaffordable for many families.

This week, Christy Clark also acknowledged that her post-election hydro rate deception has made utility rates unaffordable.

But instead of addressing the massive increases she has caused, she’s just letting people pay some of their winter bill in the spring.

Again, we agree this may need to happen, but it’s only necessary because Christy Clark’s massive hydro rate increases are hurting hydro customers.

Let’s not forget that the Christy Clark government told voters before the last election that there may not even need to be massive increases, but British Columbians are sure feeling the cold pinch of that deception now. Every time you look at your hydro bill, you’re reminded of how you can’t believe her.

This week it’s Christy Clark’s extremely high hydro rates and failure to clean up her housing price mess.

But Clark is also jacking up the unfair medical services premium year after year, making people may more and more for healthcare, even though they get less and less health care service.

Anyone who has had to go to an emergency ward in B.C. or tried to find a family doctor can tell you what a mess things are.

Remember when the Christy Clark government told you that everyone would have a family doctor by 2015? Even Christy Clark gave up on that promise, and no longer pretends that she will actually follow through.

Car insurance keeps going up and up, partially because her government has been raiding ICBC money by millions of dollars, treating the public insurance provider like her own cash machine.

That isn’t fair. You shouldn’t be paying for her messes.

Christy Clark just isn’t looking out for regular people. We can’t afford four more years of Christy Clark.