Ottawa: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy delivered a passionate plea for a no-fly zone and more sanctions to starve out Russia’s finances in a speech to the Canadian Parliament Tuesday.

Appearing by video link from Ukraine, Zelenskyy asked Canadians to imagine the terror and horror unfolding in his country as if it were happening in their own.

“Every night is a horrible night,” he said, speaking in Ukrainian, to a crowded House of Commons where almost every MP, many senators and dozens of members of the public gathered to listen.

“We are not asking for much. We’re asking for justice, for real support.”

The Russian invasion is now in its 20th day and the death toll confirmed by the United Nations is now close to 700.

Zelenskyy said 97 of the dead are children.

In a speech lasting more than 20 minutes, he asked Canadians to imagine if Russian bombs were falling in cities like Vancouver, Edmonton or Toronto, or how it would feel if Canada’s allies responded to a request for a no-fly zone with expressions of concern but also fear that it would escalate the war.

By Mia Rabson, Laura Osman and Sarah Ritchie