image005Surrey: Jagwinder is from India, where he attained an Electrical Diploma. He had just completed his training before immigrating to Canada on September 29, 2010. He came to join his wife in Canada, and now has 2 young daughters. He did find a job right away in the Electrical field, but was only earning $9.00 per hour to start. Within 3 years, and as a Journeyperson now, he is earning a considerably higher wage. Jagwinder has the responsibility to train other employees, and felt that he could accomplish more.
He was encouraged by his boss to attain the Red Seal certification. He met with the Immigrant Trades Training Initiative (ITTI) program and received the funding he required to take the Red Seal Refresher Course at the Blue Star Learning Centre. “I am so thankful this assistance is
available” says Jagwinder.
With the funding from the ITTI
program at DIVERSEcity, he has recently attained his Red Seal certification. “This will help me access further opportunities in Canada, and hopefully in time, higher pay” says Jagwinder. “I am so proud of this accomplishment”.
Funding for the Immigrant Trades Training Initiative is provided by Industry Training Authority (ITA). For more
information, please go to

Employers Appreciation Event

DIVERSEcity’s Employment Service has been connecting local businesses who are looking for skilled workers with newcomers who are eager to gain Canadian work experiences!
We want to thank those employers who have
supported new immigrants with work placement opportunities.This is an invitation-only event that will be held on November 20th, 2014 at the Surrey Central Library.


Opening my eyes to the skilled trade
Published on Contact Point on July 29th, 2014.

Jagwinder Singh
Jagwinder Singh

“When I graduated from high school less than a decade ago, I didn’t even know that you could have a successful career without a university degree, much less that you could actually earn a good living by
taking pictures, because this wasn’t something that was presented as an option to me. Skills/Compétences Canada (SCC) is hoping to put an end to the lack of awareness, and, in some cases, stigma that surrounds careers in the trades.”
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