New Delhi: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said here on Tuesday Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khans demand for actionable intelligence on the Pulwama attack was a “diversionary” and “shallow” statement as the origin of crime was known and Indias security forces were confident of dealing with the situation.

After a meeting of the cabinet, he said there has been universal condemnation of this gruesome act of terrorism in which 40 CRPF personnel were killed.

“Our security forces are extremely confident of dealing with the situation. The masterminds have been liquidated and our security forces will continue to keep the vigil. The global community has endorsed India’s stand in a major way,” he said.

Referring to Khan’s statement, made earlier in the day, Jaitley said three things are obvious. “First, there is not even a pretext of outright condemnation of the incident. Second, let alone sympathy for the bereaved families, not even lip sympathy for them. And third, a very shallow logic that ‘provide to us actionable intelligence’ as though the origin of crime is not known,” the minister said.

He said actionable intelligence can provide only some clues and in the case of Pulwama attack the perpetrators of the crime have admitted to it.

“There is a confession by them, though this confession may be in form of muscle-flexing. The perpetrators are located in a country of which Khan is the prime minister. It is a diversionary statement,” he said.

Referring to the encounter with militants in Pinglena village, just 10 km from the Pulwama terror attack site on Monday, Jaitley said two of the three liquidated were Pakistani nationals.

“What do you need some actionable or remote intelligence for this purpose. The handlers have admitted to the offence and, therefore, this claim that provide us and we will act…the evidence is in your own home,” he said.

Referring to the intelligence and evidence given by India on the Mumbai terror attack of 2008, Jaitley said “we know the fate.”