Vijayawada MARS orbitmars-ll1 MARS success MOM india marsMars Orbiter starts sending pictures

Chennai:┬áIndia’s Mars Orbiter spacecraft has sent five pictures of the red planet’s surface, said a senior official of the Indian space agency.

“The Mars Orbiter has started sending pictures. We have received five pictures and these are under processing,” an official of Indian Space Research Organisation told IANS.

India created space history by becoming the first country in the world to place a spacecraft in Mars’ orbit in the first attempt.

India successfully “woke up” from nine-month slumber the engine of Mars spacecraft as it glided through deep space, and also became the first Asian country to enter the Martian sphere of influence. Prime Minister Narendra Modi witnessed the historic occasion from the mission control centre.

The 475-kg (dry mass) Orbiter spacecraft with five scientific experiments onboard will explore the fourth planet away from the Sun.