Dubai: An Indian couple in the UAE has sought help to raise 240,000 dirhams ($65,342) to cover their new born baby’s medical expenses. The baby girl, born prematurely at 27 weeks on Jan 8, is currently in an incubator at Dubai Hospital. The unnamed father said the outstanding dues stood at 183,000 dirhams till the last week as they have managed to raise 50,000 dirhams till now.
According to the father, the doctors have said the baby has to be in the incubator till she gained at least 1.8 kg. Meanwhile, his 32-year-old wife is recuperating after the delivery through the caesarean section. The father, a 39-year-old automobile industry professional, told media that the total bills are expected to be more than 240,000 dirhams till the baby is discharged by the hospital. He said the unexpected caesarean section delivery and the condition of the baby shot up their up their medical bills, and as child birth was not covered under their health insurance, they landed in a financial crunch. The couple, who has been married for the past 10 years, was earlier struggling to conceive.The father said the baby was born after many failed in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) attempts to conceive since 2007, which had already cost them 180,000 dirhams.