Draupadi Murmu, the 15th president-elect of India and the first tribal president is India’s shining light

Draupadi Murmu comes from a humble background and has dedicated her life toward community service. She has played essential role in building basic amenities in her home state of Odisha. With her reign ready to begin after oath on July 25th, it is a moment of glory for India.
Her election to the highest office of India’s democracy shows that no matter where you hail from or what your gender or identity is you can reach the height of success in the vibrant Indian democracy. The country is shedding its past notions of bias and showcasing its commitment to truly passionate personalities at the very front.
I bow to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his outreach in bringing the reform. With his support, India is brilliantly amplifying the voices of minority and changing the default for them all. PM Modi has said, “She has emerged as a ray of hope.” And rightly so. Murmu’s years of dedicated work in improving the country has forged her as a deserving name of the presidential title way beyond her identity.
While we await what the future holds for a new India, it is inspiring to represent a nation that bridges the gap of bias and privilege long overdue. May the reign of hope begin!

By Aditya Tawatia – Convenor of Canada India Global Forum British Columbia