(PG) ****

Hostile Takeover!

Straight out of the gate nothing is as it appears in Inheritance. Money is the root of all evil and pass on a rather sizable indiscretion or three and you have the recipe for disaster that unfolds deliciously well in This smart two hour thriller from VVS Films. Consider this new movie to be a diabolical treat as nothing is as it appears in this edge of your seat smartly made drama that is intriguing in the extreme. Out on video on demand instead of theatres people can order this eye-opener by simply contacting your local cable or internet or provider . Or get the dvd in two weeks if you want a hard copy.
All the trappings of success can’t protect one from the past. A good case in point are an up and coming successful brother and sister with loving parents. Prosecutors are supposed to be above the law but would be politicians are a whole different ballgame. Respect and honesty shine bright on leading lawyer Lauren Monroe. Given a golden spoon in life thanks to a very wealthy and smart father Lily Collins ( The Blind Side) never turns a blind eye when trying to find justice. Consider her legal training and good values about to be put to the test upon the death of her dad. Let’s just say this is one screwed up family from the get go. Adding their friends to the mix further makes an untenable situation even more hazardous to one’s health.
Under lots of make-up a barely recognizable Simon Pegg (Mission Impossible) plays a man from the past with considerable panache. Maybe the perfect match t9 those slimy political wannabes.
Thanks to an untimely death with a will to die for the surviving Monroe clan wind up in a dizzying tizzy. Unexpected guests to the party include a captive “guest” and the odd early party girls as shades of the past resurface in a truly insane diabolical way.
Fresh and exciting Inheritance is an inviting thriller that relies on great character development to shine through brightly. Sharp writing from first time writer Matthew Kennedy in a riveting frame/page turning dynamic debut and a riveting atmosphere created by director Vaughn Stein ensure you’re rapt attention throughout this engaging melt down. Further bolstering this wacko Dark Shadows like family is Danish delight Connie Nielsen ( Wonder Woman) as a mommy dearest type presence).