Vancouver: In an online study conducted from February 25 to March 1, 2014, among 495 adult residents of the City of Surrey, and 478 adult residents 

of the City of Vancouver, Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts holds an approval rating of 73%, whereas the approval rating for Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson stands at 52%.

18% of residents saying they disapprove of Mayor Watts’s performance and 9% remaining undecided, while 40% of residents of the Vancouver disapprove of the way their Mayor is handling his duties, and 8% undecided.


Residents of Surrey are most worried about rising rate of crime in the city. Half of Surrey residents (51%) identify crime as the most important issue facing their city—well above transportation (18%), poverty (6%) and education (also 6%). The study results for Vancouver paint a different picture with Vancouverites terming housing as the most important issue (40%), followed by transportation (17%), poverty (14%) and economic development (11%).

49% residents of Surrey believe the level of criminal activity in their community has increased in the past five years, and 53% say they fear becoming a victim of crime “a great deal” or “a fair amount.” In addition, 48% of Surrey residents claim that they would feel “unsafe” if they were walking alone in their own neighborhood after dark.

Despite crime being on the top of the mind for Surrey residents, the municipal government is rated favorably by a majority of residents in six of 10 tasks tested, garnering its best grades on providing good sanitation services (75%) and fostering artistic and cultural activities (66%). Just over half of Surrey residents are also satisfied with the way their government is protecting the environment (55%), promoting tourism to Surrey (55%), managing development and growth (also 55%) and enhancing their overall quality of life (52%).

Diane Watts who has been at the job for 9 years seems to be doing fine in most of the areas except crime, now it remains to be seen how she and her team improve on this aspect of governance because it is going to be one of the deciding factors in the November election.

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