More internationally trained professionals will be able to use their skills for a career in B.C. as the International Credentials Recognition Act comes into effect on Monday, July 1, 2024.

The act will remove barriers in 29 professions and make it fairer, more transparent and efficient for qualified professionals to pursue and achieve credential recognition, no matter where they were trained.

The professions include engineers, social workers, veterinarians, paramedics, early childhood educators, teachers, biologists, land surveyors, architects and others.

In addition, the Province will appoint a new superintendent of international credential recognition. The superintendent will oversee the fair recognition of international credentials, addressing any systemic or procedural issues. They will also have the authority under the act to issue orders for compliance and impose administrative penalties as needed.

Quick Facts:

  • The International Credentials Recognition Act reflects feedback received through broad public engagement and consultation with regulatory bodies.
  • The act complements the work being done by the Ministry of Health to create new pathways for health-care workers coming to Canada.
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