IMG_1993Elevation Pictures reaches new heights with the release of Into The Forest. Like the title suggests 99% of this movie is set amidst trees and fauna. Get into Mother Nature big time at The Fifth Avenue cinemas if you enjoy the great outdoors – and danger.

People enjoy getting out of the big city and heading to the hills. A loving dad and two young daughters settle in for a relaxing time out at their secluded mountainous house. Robert, Nell and Eva seems to be the perfect modern family. Effective as the cloistered clan are Callum Keith Rennie, Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood. When a natural disaster hits too close to home the trio are left to manage things by themselves. Being on your own is one thing but the perils being cut off from technology can be scary and downright dangerous.

Perils galore confront the two girls who have to ramp up their survival skills to stay alive. Unexpected events throw a dark cloud on the rural dwellers who have to make a series of important decisions that will impact both their sanity and well-being.

Yes, you buy into the dilemma facing mostly the two girls when the Lowe goes out and the fear steps in. Consider Into The Forest to be a fairly realistic dire warning of problems that can occur and how one has to adapt in order to survive. Harsh at times with a dark tone Into The Forest takes in some serious subject matter that at times will leave some uncomfortable. Still the ability to bond and sisterly love speaks volumes in this one hour and forty one minute ordeal.

Despite a silly ending that seems quite out of place Into The Forest does a good job showing the lengths people must go to survive. Made with Canadian taxpayers money through Telefilm this is one experience that will linger longer after the curtain goes down.