Tehran, May 27 (IANS/AKI) A total of 22 prisoners have been hanged in the northern Iranian city of Karag since the weekend, the Iran Human Rights group reported, condemning the mass executions.

All of the prisoners, who were convicted of drugs charges were hanged the Ghezel Hasar prison, reportedly on Monday, although some may have been put to death on Sunday, the group said on Tuesday.

“Most of these prisoners are subjected to unfair trials and their death sentences have been issued based on forced confessions made under torture,” said IHR spokesman Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam.

“We call on the UN and the international community to take urgent actions to stop these mass executions”.

Twenty-two other prisoners were executed in two group hangings in Ghezel Hasar prison earlier this month, according to IHR.

Some of the prisoners who were executed then had taken part in a prison riot last year, the group said.

None of the Ghezel Hesar executions have been announced by official Iranian sources, IHR said.

At least 400 prisoners have been executed in Iran since the beginning of this year, according to IHR.

Most of the prisoners in Ghezel Hesar — Iran’s largest state jail — are held on drugs-related charges and over 2,000 inmates are on death row, according to the group.