Jerusalem/Gaza: The Israeli army on July 15 resumed air strikes against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip as rockets continued being fired from the coastal enclave despite Israel’s unilateral approval of an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire proposal, media reported.

“After six hours of unilateral attacks by Hamas, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) has resumed operational activity in the Gaza Strip,” Israeli army statement said.

Security officials in Gaza confirmed Israel’s renewed attacks, saying that Israeli war jets and helicopters showered missiles upon several targets in northern Gaza Strip and on eastern, southern and western neighbourhoods of Gaza city.

Kerry asks Arab nations to press Hamas on ceasefire

Vienna: US Secretary of State John Kerry warned of “great risks” to provoke violence in Gaza as he called on Arab nations to push Hamas to accept a ceasefire.

“We believe that it was important to give this offer an opportunity,” Kerry said, adding that “the Egyptians deserve the time and the space to be able to try to make this initiative work, and we hope it will”.