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Jason Kenney Photo by Chandra Bodalia

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Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty

EVEN as Toronto Mayor Rob Ford continued to make a certified ass of himself in his city and all around the world (and is still persisting in doing so!), Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, who’s been a close friend of the Ford family, behaved like cowards by refusing to say a word about his despicable behaviour.

Ford has been a huge supporter of the Conservative Party and he still has a large following in and around Toronto. So Harper doesn’t want to upset Ford or his supporters without whom he may not win a majority in the 2015 election. In other words, to hell with principles when it’s not convenient, eh!

Some Conservative bigwigs were so shameless that they talked about federal Liberal Justin Trudeau’s admission of having smoked marijuana when reporters asked about Ford’s use of cocaine, but they wouldn’t mention Ford’s name or his use of the hard drug!

But Kenney didn’t hold back last month as he said: “I think Mr. Ford has brought dishonour to public office and the office of mayor and his city.” He added: “I wish he had taken a leave of absence some time ago to go and deal with his personal problems but not having done that, I personally think he should step aside and stop dragging the City of Toronto through this terrible embarrassment.”

This week, the CBC reported that shortly after Kenney made those comments, Flaherty told Kenney to “SHUT THE F—K UP.” CBC confirmed that from some Conservative MPs. Kenney reportedly reacted angrily.

Last Saturday, Kenney indirectly admitted that exchange took place as he told CBC Radio: “Jim Flaherty and I get along extremely well. We may not have agreed on everything over the past seven years, but we’ve agreed on most things.”

And then he went on to note: “I’d like to believe that there is some intrinsic honour and value in elected office, in an important office such as the mayoralty of our largest city, and I think that requires not human perfection but a certain degree of dignity and conduct, which we’ve seen lacking from this mayor, to say the very least.”

Yes, Kenney has angered some wimpy Conservatives who want to hang on to their seats from Ontario in the next election, but he has demonstrated the type of character that Harper should have shown.