jackie chan and his son Jaycee chanBeijing: Jaycee Chan, son of Chinese Kungfu star Jackie Chan, and two others have been detained on suspicion of taking drugs in Beijing, police said Monday.
Taiwan movie star Ko Chen-tung, also known as Kai Ko, was also detained after testing positive for marijuana Aug 14, Xinhua reported.

Chan, 32, tested positive for marijuana. Both of them admitted taking the drugs.

Police seized more than 100 grams of marijuana from Chan’s home.

Another man known as Song, 33, was caught the following day for allegedly selling the drug to Chan. Police seized 11 grams of marijuana from him.

Ko Chen-tung won the award for the best new actor at the 48th Golden Horse Awards in the Taiwanese city of Hsinchu in 2011 and the 12th Chinese Film Media Awards in 2013 for his role in the movie “You are the Apple of my Eye”.

Beijing police has tightened its curb on drug deals this year. Since January, more than 1,700 drug crimes have been cracked, up 53.2 percent from the same period of last year.