By Dr. Holly

Dr. Holly
Dr. Holly
January is the Weight Loss Month…Weight Loss is the most common resolution made on New Year’s Eve Most people: give up; fall off the band wagon; let life get into the way; or for whatever reasons,
While issues like: self-discipline, self-determination, or will power can get in the way, there are a huge number of other factors that can also be working against us.
THE MIND: Yes, the sub-conscious can get in the way…underlying life themes, belief systems; coping mechanisms, cognitive distortions, value systems, etc etc can all challenge our determination to lose weight
BODY: There are a huge number of other factors. From our pH, to enzymes, to hormones, microbiota, to the Gut system, the Liver System, the Adrenal System, etc all have a huge impact on our ability to lose weight.
NOT US: And yes, there are factors that are NOT us, ie., the microbiota, that reside in our GIT can contribute to the weight challenge – although we can have a huge impact on them
weight-control-1MYTHS & MISCONCEPTIONS: In addition, we can also have a huge number of other issues that can be working against that us, called myths and misconceptions. For instance, as more and more people are finding out:
1) Counting calories is not the issue
a. How nutrient dense the food is, is the issue
2) Only bad fats cause weight issues
a. We need good fats to lose weight
3) Chocolate is always bad for you
a. Chocolate comes from a fruit seed and hugely nutrient dense if grown, harvested and processed correctly
b. Whole, organic foods like 100% pure chocolate can help weight lose
4) Fish is good for you
a. Not necessarily, most of the fish on the Pacific Coast is hugely “burnt” containing radioactive isotopes
b. Unfortunately, farmed & wild fish can have many problems, ie., mercury, GMO, higher levels of PCBs (known carcinogens), super strains of bacteria that are anti-biotic resistant
5) Eggs are bad for you and high in cholesterol
a. Fresh free run chickens (especially if fed flax seed) have a high level of omega 3s; have Vitamins A, B2, B5, B6, B7, B12, D, E, K; and minerals: Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Selenium, and Zinc; 9 essential amino acids; and a great source of choline (needed for brain development, function and memory)
6) Whole wheat and multi grain breads are ok
a. 2 slices of whole wheat = a MARS bar
b. Multigrain = are not much different – Whole grain is better
c. Sourdough, German Rye and Sprouted are best
7) Yogurt is good for you
a. Most yogurts are full of real & artificial fruits, sugar and stabilizers all of which can create weight gain – Krema: Greek yogurt with Vanilla, one of the best
8) Our bodies are alkaline and therefore need to eat only alkaline foods
a. Our gut needs to be acidic – even good bacteria may produce compounds like H2 which are acidic and keep pathogens like yeast under control
b. Our hair, skin, and various organs are all acidic
c. Some cancers, like leukemia and lymphoma thrive in alkaline environments
d. Cancer cells typically create an internal acidic environment because they thrive on sugar
e. Blood is most sensitive to pH (7.35-7.45); interstitial fluid (7.34-7.4); intracellular (6.8); mitochondrial membrane (6.88) It is maintained through the bicarbonate cycle that eliminates the C02 from the body;
f. Metabolic acid production; acid leakage across plasma & organelle membranes; low levels of alkalizing minerals
9) We need more Calcium
a. We are actually taking way too many calcium supplements and disrupting bone turnover and causing osteoporosis
10) Drinking hot water and lemon is beneficial
a. Lemon is very acidic – and can damage the pH of the mouth and remove tooth enamel
b. Make your own lemon juice – the inner/outer rind contain a lot of the alkalizing minerals that help maintain the proper pH
Tricks for losing weight:
1) Drink 2 tsps baking soda in a glass of water first thing in the morning
2) Drink hot water, (healthy) lemon juice and unpasteurized honey in the AM
3) Start the day with proteins – increases the metabolism up to 12 – 15%
4) Eat healthy snacks: hard crisp tart apples; organic popcorn popped in coconut oil; 100% pure chocolate (with the great omega 3 dense cocoa butter)
5) Use mineral or sea salt as opposed to table salt
6) Set out nuts and seeds to eat each day: walnuts, almonds, pistachios, hemp seeds, ground flax
7) Avoid store bought juices and make your own
8) Eat foods high in alkalizing minerals, especially magnesium rich foods
9) Fat breaks down fat – eat good fats like avocados
10) Drink 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar (with good Mother) in glass of water at bedtime
11) Eliminate the sugars, microwaved, processed, fast foods and junk foods
12) Eliminate the breading/coating/deep fried foods
Other things you might want to do:
1) Assess for yeast and other pathogenic infections
2) Assess for metal and environmental toxicities
3) Keep a journal
4) Increase your activity – yoga, palettes, dance, walk, biking, hiking
For more information read: Managing Your Weight: why your body may be working against you and what you can do about it Found at:
Be responsible, do your research, find a good health practitioner. Here’s to your health!
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