SURREY: Jasbir Sandhu, NDP MP for Surrey North, is hosting a “Coffee with Jasbir” event at the Whalley Legion located at 13525 106th Avenue on March 14, 2014 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. He seeks primarily to discuss issues facing seniors and veterans, especially with regards to the new budget. However, all are encouraged to attend and discussion about any issue is welcome.

“In this budget, RCMP and Canadian Forces veterans are being faced with increases in health care premiums, which presents a problem for the numerous veterans that live on fixed income. In addition, specialized regional offices that serve veterans have been shut down across the country. Coupled with the Government’s refusal to provide mental health services that are sorely needed, veterans are facing a number of challenges,” says Sandhu.

With many other pressing issues facing Canadians at the moment, such as cuts to Canada Post and the impending Unfair Elections Act, MP Sandhu is eager to engage in conversation with his constituents and discuss how legislation is impacting the citizens of Surrey North.