Jason Kenney and Mani Deol-Fallon
Jason Kenney and Mani Deol-Fallon
Jason Kenney and Mani Deol-Fallon

Surrey: Jason Kenney has endorsed Mani Fallon, who is seeking Conservative nomination from Surrey Centre riding. Kenney said, “Mani Fallon would be a brilliant addition to our Conservative team as Member of Parliament for Surrey Centre. I have known Mani since she stepped forward to run a strong campaign in the last election. She impressed me, and many others, with her work ethic, energy, and strong conservative principles. Since then, she has been single-mindedly devoted to building the Conservative Party, and supporting our government.”

Jason Kenney, in his personal capacity (not as a minister), added, “Mani is a successful small business owner, who understands that entrepreneurs are the unsung heroes of our economy. She is a mom devoted to her family, who knows that families are the most important building block of society. And she is a uniter, who understands the challenges faced by Canadians of all backgrounds.

I believe that Mani Fallon would me a phenomenal Conservative candidate in Surrey Centre. She has what it takes to win the election, and contribute as a strong, effective Conservative MP in Ottawa.”

Mani Deol-Fallon, local community leader and business woman, officially announced in March that she would be seeking the nomination to run as the Member of Parliament for the Conservative Party of Canada in the riding of Surrey Centre.

In her nomination speech, Mani Fallon on April 29 requested voters, “Surrey Centre is a newly branded riding, and it is up to us to do all we can to ensure that it becomes a Conservative Riding… and… That process starts tonight! I’m asking you to nominate me as the Conservative Candidate for this riding ….. the riding that I have always called home.”

As a resident of Surrey for over 30 years, Mani Deol-Fallon has a deep understanding of the important issues and priorities of Surrey residents. With strong ties throughout the community, she has an extensive background in business administration, franchise operations, sales and marketing, as well as experience in Government working in the office of the Honourable Jason Kenney, Minister for Multiculturalism.

Having served as the Conservative Party of Canada’s Regional Organizer in British Columbia, Mani also has an appreciation for the grassroots efforts of Canadians and the thousands of volunteers who contribute to Canada’s political system.

Mani Deol-Fallon said, “I passionately believe in the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. His government has grown the Canadian economy despite tough global economic times, shown strength on the international stage, and a deep commitment to the prosperity of British Columbia. With a focus on keeping our community safe and keeping taxes low for families, I look forward to working hard to win the nomination so that I can join the Prime Minister’s team in the next election and ensure Surrey Centre has a strong voice in Ottawa.”

She further added, “I am now raising my family in the same neighbourhood I grew up in,” continued Ms. Deol-Fallon, “and am proud to call one of Canada’s most diverse ridings home. I want to ensure Surrey Centre not only remains a great place to live, work, and raise a family, but has even greater opportunities for the next generation of Surrey residents.”

Mani Deol-Fallon ran for the Conservative Party in the 2011 election, narrowly losing in a tight three-way race in the riding of Newton-North Delta. Mani Deol-Fallon was born in Duncan, B.C. Her grandfather immigrated to Canada from India in 1906. Mani has lived in Surrey Centre since 1981, when the family moved to Surrey, B.C. seeking greater economic opportunities. She said that she has a commitment that can be seen in her passion for politics and her desire to increase the opportunities in Surrey Centre.

Mani has a degree in International Relations from U.B.C. and has continued with part-time studies at BCIT. administration, franchise operations, Mani has worked at the office of The Honourable Jason Kenney, Minister for Multiculturalism as Regional Advisor to the Minister. Mani has been married for over 20 years to her husband Matthew and is raising 2 young daughters, Jaymie and Ruby in the same neighbourhood she grew up in.