Burnaby: Two weeks after launching his campaign, John Horgan is the first candidate to amass the required fee and signatures from every region of the province to register his leadership campaign with the B.C. NDP.

“My campaign is to be a real leader for all B.C., to make life better for B.C. families, and to take on Premier Clark and her B.C. Liberals every time they fail British Columbians,” said Horgan. “I am thrilled that my message is already reaching every region of the province.”

Candidates must submit nomination papers with the signatures of at least 250 B.C. NDP members, and a minimum threshold of signatures from six of eight provincial regions. They must also demonstrate capacity to raise funds, with a $25,000 entrance fee.

“Whether it’s endless job losses, fee increases or service cuts, Premier Clark and the B.C. Liberals are making life harder for British Columbians,” said Horgan. “The sooner we get started on replacing this government with a New Democrat government, the better.”

Horgan also thanked the hundreds of individual supporters whose generous donations helped him leap over the $25,000 fundraising mark less than two weeks after his campaign launch.

John Horgan is offering real leadership for what matters most to B.C. families. He is building a team that can beat the B.C. Liberals in 2017 and inspire British Columbians with a better way that includes the whole province.